7 Best SiteGround Alternatives 2020 (A Comprehensive Guide To Understand Your Hosting Need)

I never thought I will be writing about Best SiteGround Alternatives on this blog. Because this blog is hosted on SiteGround and I am very happy with their hosting services & I always recommended SiteGround to beginners.


I purchased SiteGround Growbig plan during 2018 Black Friday Sale. After using 1 year, I have upgraded to GoGeek Plan as I need more resources to experiment multiple websites. In last 1 year I heard a lot of negative reviews about SiteGround hosting about their support and services. But honestly I never faced a single issue till date as I am using their GoGeek Plan which has all the premium features. Gradually I have realized and noticed that SiteGround has downgraded their basic plans STARTUP & GROWBIG and limited many features and as per my analysis they are not at all worth for beginners. Yes, I don’t recommend SiteGround for beginners (check below My recommendadtions), but if you have budget then you can go for GoGeek plan which is equally comparable with WPX Hosting or even better than the BASIC plans from WPEngine & Kinsta.

But after the recent SiteGround Price hike, things have changed. Due to awesome service and servers, many people started their blog on SiteGround. Although SiteGround renewal is a big trouble, but after the recent price hike it has become even worse.

In short, SiteGround is no more a beginner friendly WordPress hosting option. But if you compare their GoGeek plan with any Managed WordPress hosting providers, you will find SiteGround is still the best.

That’s why I have listed out Siteground Alternatives based on different categories. I hope you will find it useful to decide and switch to the right hosting.

best siteground alternatives
best siteground alternatives 2020

Why You Must Look for SiteGround Alternatives in 2020?

This website is hosted on SiteGround GoGeek plan and I am quite happy with the services. But still I believe you must look for SiteGround alternatives because of below reasons. 

  • SiteGround StartUP plans lacks many features, but pricing is very high $6.99/mo. Just compare Bluehost top plan with StartUP, you will easily find Bluehost Choice Plus plan offers many features with even less price.
  • SiteGround doesn’t offer any FREE Domain. But Bluehost offers FREE Domain name for 1 year.
  • SiteGround stopped offering Free Website Transfer. This is a very essential features for beginners as they find transferring website to a new hosting very challenging.
  • SiteGround plans has traffic limit. You will get only 10,000 visits /mo with StartUP plan. This is a huge negative points as many cheap hosting providers promises unlimited traffic. Even though that is  a myth, but they can handle good amount traffic.
  • SiteGround offers priority support from GoGeek plan only, that means initial plans doesn’t get good support. Recently people started complaining about SiteGround support.
  • At the price of $6.99/mo for StartUP you will get only 10 GB data space, 1 website hosting limit. You can enjoy unlimited disk space even by paying very less money.

So, if you are a beginner and looking for cheap web hosting solution then SiteGround is no more an option for you. If you compare SiteGround StartUP with Bluehost Choice Plus plan (Top Plan) you will find SiteGround lacks many features and also ask for more money.

But of you want to buy a quality hosting and don’t worry about spending money, then you must consider SiteGround GoGeek plan. This plan has all the features similar to a Dedicated hosting plan. But pricing wise this plan is very cheap compared to WPX Hosting, WPEngine, Kinsta hosting. I have shared my views about why you don’t need to look for SiteGround Alternatives if you are buying a managed WordPress hosting plan.

Cheap SiteGround Alternatives For Beginners in 2020

How much money you can spend as a beginner? As a beginner, a good shared hosting plan is more than enough. I don’t see any point to buy a plan with a monthly $30-$40 as a beginner. Just start with a good hosting with a price range of $2-$5/mo and happily begin your blogging journey.

Here are the few of the affordable alternatives of SiteGround hosting. These are popular shared hosting plans with a very cheap pricing options.

Now in that context, SiteGround has gone out of the group. Their first plan starts with a price tag of $6.99/mo and the renewal charge is $14.9/mo. Not only that, but the SiteGround StartUP plan also lacks many features and completely a waste plan.

I tried to compare SiteGround STARTUP plan with Bluehost Choice PLUS (Top plan) and surprised to see below findings.

Bluehost Choice PLUS (TOP Plan)

  • Price is $5.45/mo after initial discount (3 Yrs)
  • Offers FREE Domain
  • Renewal Price $14.99/mo
  • Unlimited SSD Disk Space
  • No traffic limit
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Domain Privacy + Protection
  • Site Backup + Code Guard

SiteGround STARTUP (Basic Plan)

  • Starting Price $6.99/mo
  • No Free Domain
  • Renewal Price $14.99
  • 10 GB Space
  • 10,000 visits/mo Traffic Limit
  • Only 1 website
  • No Domain Privacy
  • Only automatic Backup, no On-Demand Backup

It’s very clear that with a cheap plan from Bluehost, as a beginner you will get a lot of features. When the SiteGround StartUP plan simply lacks many features and the price is double. And regarding support, Bluehost LIVE chat support is seriously good and I have never faced any problem. You can easily pick Bluehost as the #1 Budget hosting.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Alternatives

If you are looking for good quality cloud hosting plan, then I am sure you have heard about SiteGround Cloud Hosting. But again cost wise SiteGround Cloud Hosting plans are very expensive. In that case you can look for Cloudways Hosting as Best Siteground Alternatives in 2020.

  • DigitalOcean By Cloudways (Starting Price $10/mo). Best Cloud Hosting with high speed & performance. But not the cheapest one. Cloudways support is not that good, but if you know how to manage cloud hosting plans then this is a very good alternative to SiteGround Cloud Hosting.

SiteGround Alternatives For Managed WordPress Hosting

Now let’s come to Managed WordPress hosting providers section. As I have mentioned my SiteGround GoGeek Plan account is still active will continue till 2021 end. And honestly I have not faced any problem and I always depend up on SiteGround Live chat support which is simply amazing. And I am enjoying this because I am using their GoGeek plan which is their premium plan. Right now, it seems they have downgraded their BASIC plans and increased the price which is not at all worth. So, if you are looking for budget hosting then check the earlier section where I have shared my recommendations.

Now when I talk about Managed WordPress Hosting, I found WPX Hosting, WPEngine, Kinsta, InMotion and few others in that list which offers very good hosting services. I am sure you will also agree with me, but one problem with them is that their cost is very high and one can’t think about them as a beginner.

In that context, when I compare SiteGround GoGeek Vs WPX Hosting, SiteGround GoGeek Vs WPEngine, SiteGround GoGeek Vs Kinsta, SiteGround GoGeek Vs InMotion Hosting and I found that SiteGround GoGeek plan is really worth the price and provide more resources compared to those popular Managed Hosting plans.

If you are ready to spend money for those hosting, then I would recommend you to consider SiteGround GoGeek Plan as it’s really cheap with the initial 70% Discount ($15/mo). You may get even more discount during SiteGround Black Friday Sale in 2020. But renewal is costly and it is valid for all the other hosting companies. So make sure to buy for at least 3 years.

  • SiteGround GoGeek Plan (Starting Price $14.95/mo). This blog is hosted on GoGeek plan and I am quite happy with their service & support.
  • WPX Hosting (Starting Price $24.95/mo). Potential SiteGround alternative if we compare the Managed WordPress hosting companies.

Is SiteGround Still Worth The Price?

One thing you have to understand that SiteGround has increased their price as per some of their strategy and they are not going to close their business. may be they want more people to join their higher plan and that’s why they have reduced the features from STARTUP & GROWBIG plan.

So, as a beginner your responsibility is to pick the right hosting as per your need. If you are starting your blogging career and looking for a cheap hosting then why to look for many options? A good shared hosting with unlimited websites is perfect to start with. I am sharing my recommendations again here.

So, that’s all in this article and I hope I am able to put my opinion, experience and understand about SiteGround alternatives and able to provide you all information in a very simpler way. You can feel free to comment below and share your feedback or suggestions if any. And keep a track of upcoming Black Friday Deals on Web Hosting so that you can save huge this year.

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