SiteGround Price Hike: Not An Affordable Hosting For Beginners Anymore

SiteGround has increased their hosting price from 18th June 2020. And this time it looks too expensive for a beginner. SiteGround StartUp cost will increase from $3.95 to $6.95, GrowBig plan from $5.95 to $9.99, and GoGeek Plan from $11.95 to $14.99 per month.

And SiteGround renewal price is also going to change here like: from $11.95 to $14.99 (StartUp), $19.95 to $24.99 (GrowBig), and $34.99 to $39.99 (GoGeek). Although they offer a renewal discount, but it will cost you more only.

siteground price hike

Why SiteGround Price Increase?

SiteGround is one of my most favorite hosting companies and a few of my websites are hosted on SiteGround GoGeek plan. And, my SiteGround Account is valid till 25th November, 2021.

SiteGround renewal discount offer

That means I have more than 1.5 years to enjoy SiteGround GoGeek plan even they have hiked their price.

But why SiteGround hiked their hosting price? According to their email here are a few of the reasons behind this price increase.

So these are a few of the reasons for which SiteGround has increased its price. And the kind of features and pricing structure they are offering right now, it’s difficult to put SiteGround under the list of best affordable WordPress hosting providers.

How Much Is SiteGround Hosting Price After 18th July, 2020?

Here are the details of the SiteGround New Pricing Structure and this is a significant increase in pricing.

SiteGround PlansIntro PriceRenewal Price

These prices are applicable for the first invoice of 12-month hosting plan purchase. The initial discount is also reduced now. Earlier they were providing 70% discount on the initial plan. Seems like the entry price has been increased significantly.

SiteGround PlansInitial Discount
StartUP53% (Earlier 70%)
GrowBig60% OFF
GoGeek66% OFF

They have launched a monthly billing hosting plan as well. But I don’t recommend such month-to-month billing hosting plans as they are very expensive and you can’t do much with a 1-month hosting plan.

SiteGround Plans1-Month Price

Why It’s A Bad News For Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers?

If you compare all the popular hosting companies, you will find that SiteGround is the #1 who offers very good-quality hosting. It is also one of the best web hosting affiliate programs with a high commission structure.

However, as a beginner, it is very difficult to buy hosting with such high price of $6.99/mo which is lacking many features. Among all SiteGround plans, GrowBig is the best for bloggers. But now onward GrowBig plan will cost you $9.99/mo with a very high renewal cost of $24.99/mo.

As a blogger, you will find it very difficult to promote SiteGround as an affordable hosting option. Definitely, the quality of SiteGround hosting is intact and if you consider their GoGeek plan then you can enjoy a very good quality hosting servers with top-class support. But this is not true for their starting plans.

Do you know that in the last few months, SiteGround has removed a lot of features from their basic StartUP plan?

  • SiteGround stopped offering Free Website Transfer
  • No Priority Support Below GoGeek Plan. That means a lot of complaints started floating in the different Facebook Groups.
  • Already they don’t offer Free Domain like other popular hosting plans do
  • Already they have a traffic limit which is highly discouraging.

Then What Is The Best SiteGround Alternative Hosting?

In that case, what’s the best SiteGround alternatives? To find out the answer to this question, I have asked the same in few Facebook Groups. Here are the screenshots.

I asked this question on My Facebook Group

siteground alternative

I have created a poll on a popular FB Group, WordPress Hosting Unedited.

alternative to siteground hosting

Besides them also, I tried to understand from different other Facebook Groups and review websites and finally concluded the list of best SiteGround alternatives in different categories.

Best Cheap Hosting For Beginners

  • Bluehost (Starting Price $2.95/mo). I am using Bluehost for 2 of my sites.
  • A2 Hosting (Starting Price $2.99/mo). Good performance.
  • FastComet (Starting Price $2.99/mo). I have used it, good but not the best.
  • HostGator (Starting Price $2.75/mo). Cheapest, Reliable and trusted one.

Best Hosting With Performance

  • DigitalOcean By Cloudways (Starting Price $10/mo). Best Cloud Hosting with high speed & performance. But not the cheapest one.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

  • SiteGround GoGeek Plan (Starting Price $14.95/mo). This blog is hosted on GoGeek plan and I am quite happy with their service & support.
  • WPX Hosting (Starting Price $24.95/mo). Potential SiteGround alternative if we compare the Managed WordPress hosting companies.

Don’t Get Me Wrong!

I am not against SiteGround hosting, in fact I have been hosting my sites on SiteGround hosting and don’t have a single complaint till now. But the question here is, is SiteGround still the best WordPress hosting for beginners considering the price increase factor?

Do you really think that a beginner will be able to buy a hosting plan at the price of $6.99/mo with so many limited features? I never recommend anyone to consider the StartUP plan as it’s a waste of money. In fact Bluehost or HostGator offers many more features with even 60% less price.

But, even if you consider the GrowBig plan, it will cost your $14.99/mo with a renewal price of $24.95/mo. And this is way too expensive for a beginner. In fact you can easily get DigitalOcean Plan from Cloudways Hosting by paying $10/mo. This is far better compared to this.

Remember, as a beginner we need a ready to go shared hosting plan. And as we grow in blogging we can always upgrade to a higher plan as the website traffic increases.

But if you have budget and serious about your blogging plans, then I wound’t mind to recommend you to join SiteGround GoGeek plan. But again, look around as with the New SiteGround Pricing, GoGeek plan also looks expensive compared to Kinsta, WPX Hosting and WPEngine. Of course you will get higher resource with the GoGeek plan.

My SiteGround Hosting Will Expire Soon: What To Do?

Now, as an existing SiteGround customer I am not in a hurry to find a SiteGround alternative for myself at least. As I said, I have still 1.5 years left with SiteGround, considering the new price will not apply on the existing customers.

But if your SiteGround hosting plan is going to expire soon, then what you can do now?

Here are my suggestions.

  • If SiteGround new Pricing doesn’t apply on existing customers, then you can happily renew with the previous renewal price, if you have plans to renew. Just communicate with them.
  • If you have to pay the newrenewal price, then it will be your call. Try to find out whether you can recover this investment from your blog in case you renew with higher cost.
  • If you decided to switch from SiteGround to other hosting due to high renewal cost, then you can consider the hosting companies I have mentioned as potential SiteGround alternatives.

So, considering all these facts, you have to balance both the price & quality to find out a better alternative of SiteGround. Let’s see how this SiteGround price hike impacts their business & shared hosting market share in coming days. Feel free to share your thoughts and reactions after getting this SiteGround price increase news.

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