HostGator VS Wix VS SquareSpace Website Builder

HostGator website builder, Wix, and Squarespace are the three most popular website builder which allows a user to create their very own website without requiring any advanced technical skills. All of the above-mentioned website builders are equally effective and eventually helps the users in a number of ways.

Therefore, in this article, we will compare these three top class website builders and will eventually highlight their special features. Finally, at the end of this article, we will declare the winner among these three website builders.

Mobile readyThey offer highly mobile responsive templates.Wix also offers mobile responsive templates but in Wix sometimes the website creation process takes a long time.All the templates of Squarespace have mobile responsive design.
Ease of UseHostGator has a user-friendly interface and hence it is very easy to use  Wix is ideal for beginners as it comes with an easy drag and drop editorSquarespace is also user-friendly and hence it is ideal for the beginners.
Moneyback Guarantee45 days14 days14 days
Price$9.98/month – $24.98/month$14.50/month – $25/month$16/month – $46/month
Customer supportStrong customer support facilityIt comes with a strong customer support facility along with a strong built-in help engine.Has a high-level customer care facility
ThemesThey offer more than 200 high-class themes.A user gets more than 500 themes to choose fromThey offer only 70 themes with a definite look and feel.
Language supportedEnglishEnglish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish and SwedishEnglish
SecurityOffers high-level securityOffers high-level securityOffers high-level security

Basic comparison between HostGator website builder, Wix and Squarespace

In this section of this article, we will highlight 9  top-class features of these three website builders and will finally try to find out the most effective website builder among HostGator, Wix, and Squarespace. Therefore, go through this article very thoroughly and select the best website builder.

  1. Mobile Ready

HostGator Website Builder has more than 200 templates to choose from, but the most essential point about this website builder is that all the templates of HostGator have mobile-friendly designs.

Wix offers a mobile friendly interface which allows a user to view a mobile version of their website and edit content. However, the issue is that this can delay the process of creating a website as compared to other website builder.

Squarespace’s templates are all mobile responsive. Moreover, they can also be used on desktops, laptops, and tablets without implementing any changes at all.

Winner: Both HostGator and Squarespace are equally effective, but Squarespace is the overall winner as the templates of Squarespace are designed by professionals so there is always a level of guarantee that other website builders don’t offer.

  • Ease of Use

HostGator has a user-friendly interface, and hence it is very useful for the beginners as they generally provide endless tutorials, FAQ pages, and documents to help a user at every juncture, along with detailed explanations and simple step-by-step walkthroughs.

Wix is equally beginner friendly as HostGator because of its simple drag and drop editor. Another factor of Wix that makes it very easy to handle is about the fact that apart from an excellent user interface, they also offer a powerful backup system.

Squarespace is also user-friendly but still, it is not as effective as Wix or HostGator because in Squarespace a user generally needs to click more times to get to the same results as with Wix or HostGator.

Winner: Wix is the clear winner in this category as it offers a super easy user interface with a drag and drop feature and most importantly, it comes with a very powerful backup facility which is absent in the other two website builder.

  • Money Back Guarantee

HostGator offers its user 45-day money back guarantee facility with their each and every pack. This is a very positive point of this website builder as this facility helps the user to get back the entire money if they are not satisfied with their services within that 45-day period.

Wix offers only a 14-day trial period compared to the 45-day period of HostGator and so in this builder also if a person is not satisfied with their service then he/she can give up this service to get back the entire invested amount.  

Just like Wix, Squarespace also offers a 14-day money back guarantee facility.

Winner: From the above points it is quite evident that in this category HostGator is the true winner as in HostGator a user gets a trial period of 45 days compared to 14 days in the other two website builders.

  • Price

HostGator offers three different pricing plans that a user can subscribe for either a month, year, or two year period. Naturally, the longer a person commits to HostGator, the more money he/she can save each month.

HostGator’s three plans include the starter plan, premium plan and the e-commerce plan which cost $9.98/month, $12.98/month and $24.98/month respectively.

Wix comes with three premium plans and a free plan. The three premium plans are named as the Combo plan, Unlimited plan and the Business Basic plan which cost $14.50/month, $17.50 and $25/month respectively.

Squarespace offers four types of pricing plan which are the Personal plan that a user can access by investing $16/month, the Business plan which costs $26/month, Basic online store $30/month, and the Advanced online store available at $46/month.

Winner: In this category, HostGator is the winner as they provide a premium plan at only $9.98/month.

  • Customer support

HostGator’s technical support team can be reached 24/7 through its support portal, live chat, telephone, fax, and snail mail.

However, if a user wants to avail the self-help resources then they can that facility from a number of options like Video tutorials, a peer support forum and various Reference pages.

Wix comes with a small interrogative sign icon which helps a user to learn more about the object that he/she wants to edit. Moreover, Wix also offers an extensive support center along with videos, how-to articles, and forum, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned customer support facilities, it also has its own YouTube channel, which is regularly getting updated with new videos that demonstrate the basics and special methods of working with this website builder.

Squarespace offers high-quality customer support options including tutorials, live chat availability for all seven days of the week and also email support facility.

Moreover, it also includes the Tutorial Resource section that is rich in informative articles & videos that eventually helps a user to solve any system-associated problem.

Winner: All the three website builders offer enough help resources but yet Wix seems to be more friendly to its audience as because they have a strong built-in help engine.

  • Themes

HostGator website builder generally offers more than 200 themes to choose from, and hence the users can easily build a high-quality website with the help of this website builder.

Wix offers more than 500 themes along with more variety in quality. Moreover, it also gives a user an enormous degree of flexibility.

In this category, Squarespace is not as effective as HostGator or Wix as they provide a curated set of around 70 themes only with a definite look and feel.

Winner: So from the above points it is quite evident that Wix offers a wide variety of themes when compared to HostGator or Squarespace and hence in case of quality themes undoubtedly Wix is the winner.

  • Language supported

HostGator website builder does not offer a wide range of linguistic support as they only support the English language.

Wix supports a wide range of languages like English, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, and Swedish, hence it is more popular globally.

Squarespace is a fantastic website builder with lots of amazing features, but it only supports the English language.

Winner: In this category, Wix is the winner as they support various other languages other than English while on the other hand HostGator and Squarespace only support English language.

  • Uptime

HostGator offers 99.99% uptime guarantee, and eventually, almost every user experiences a consistent and reliable performance.

With Wix also a user can be sure of consistent uptimes of up to 99.98%  compared to 99.99% of HostGator.

Squarespace also offers a strong uptime of 99.95%, which is very respectable when compared to various other web hosts.

Winner: So in case of uptimes HostGator is slightly ahead of the other two website builders.

  • Security

HostGator offers high-level security and hence protects the websites from DDoS attacks. Moreover, it also offers free SSL certificates for processing website transactions.

Wix generally utilizes various features which ensure top-level security and eventually protects the website from any sorts of attack. So the security measures of Wix include multi-layer security solution, automatic updates, and SSL certificates.

Squarespace comes with free SSL certificates and WHOIS privacy which protects the domain name owner’s information by replacing the personal information with information from a forwarding service that masks the true domain owner’s identity.  

Winner: In this category, all of the above-mentioned website builders are winners because all of them provide high-level security and eventually protect the websites from a number of threats.


As promised at the beginning of this article we have compared three most popular website builder of recent times which are the HostGator website builder, Wix, and Squarespace. Each of them offers various outstanding features and has almost equal craze among the customers.

However, after comparing each of them with respect to different features, we can conclude that Wix is the overall winner, although both HostGator and Squarespace are not too far behind.

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