Want to buy the best WordPress hosting plan in India? But you are not sure which Indian hosting company offers the best & cheapest plans. Well, it’s not necessary that you always have to buy a hosting plan from an Indian web hosting company only. But it should be a good hosting company.

Personally, I am an Indian blogger and this website is hosted on SiteGround Hosting. Don’t get confused, there is nothing called SiteGround India. I bought SiteGround Hosting for this website for various reasons. In this SiteGround India review guide, I will help you to understand why SiteGround is the best WordPress hosting in India for 2020.

What Is The Difference Between India Hosting And US Hosting?

This is a very crucial question that you must understand first before you list out the best WordPress hosting providers in India. As we all know that a web hosting company offers a webspace where we store our website files.

In that case, what exactly matters is the location of the server. Irrespective of the web hosting company, if they provide you the server in India then you can happily host the website on that server and attract Indian traffic.

But remember, if your majority of the traffic is from India then you can be very specific with the server location. Otherwise, there are various other ways you can speed up your website in every country.

E.g. If you buy hosting from SiteGround to target Indian traffic, you can choose Singapore from their Data Centers. This is the nearest data center from India. And also integrate FREE Cloudflare so that you can make sure your website loads faster in other countries also. There is no SiteGround India specific server. In that case, you can look for A2 Hosting or FastComet who has India specific servers.

Why I Choose SiteGround As Best Indian Web Hosting?

There are multiple reasons why I found SiteGround as the best WordPress hosting in India for 2020. You can read my detailed SiteGround WordPress Hosting review to find out all the amazing features. But here I will share some of the amazing features and qualities of SiteGround hosting which Indian bloggers will find it useful.

Top Indian Bloggers are using SiteGround WordPress Hosting

Yes, not only Globally Indian bloggers are also buying SiteGround hosting and recommending this as Best Web Hosting in India. There are many Indian Facebook Groups where bloggers voted SiteGround as #1 WordPress hosting. Here are a few of the screenshots of those Facebook Polls.

n many Facebook Polls, SiteGround has been voted as #1 consistently again & again. I have collected more than 20+ such as Facebook poll screenshots in one place.

SiteGround Servers Near To Indian Region

SiteGround has 4 different data centers. So whenever you are buying SiteGround hosting, make sure to choose the data center as per your targetted traffic country. E.g. if your website is mainly for the Indian audience then you can choose for Singapore as your data center.Check For More data Centers

SiteGround Pricing Vs Other Indian Web Hosting Pricing

When we talk about Indian Webhosting, few of the common names are like A2 Hosting, GoDaddy, HostGator India, Hostinger, etc. If I compare SiteGround with them one by one like SiteGround Vs GoDaddy, SiteGround Vs HostGatorSiteGround Vs Bluehost India, etc one thing is clear that price-wise SiteGround is a little costly.

But if you read the SiteGround hosting features carefully, then you will understand why SiteGround is far better compared to other Indian web hosting companies. many of the Indian web hosting companies offer a very cheap plan where they compromise the good features like free backup, high-speed servers, latest PHP, etc.

But SiteGround always shares information up front with 100% transparency. And that’s the reason I always find SiteGround as the best web hosting to start blogging in 2020.Grab 70% Discount on SiteGround Now !

SiteGround Payment Options For Indian Customers

SiteGround offers only a Credit Card payment system. But in India, everyone doesn’t have a credit card, especially beginners who are studying in school or colleges. In that case, they have to borrow a credit card form their elder persons or friends, which is not that much comfortable situation all the time.

For Indian bloggers, SiteGround also offers PayPal payment options sometimes, when they contact SiteGround through email. But so far we have not seen any SiteGround India specific payment option like PayPal or Debit Card on the payment page.

FREE Migration for Indian Bloggers

Many Indian bloggers spend money on bad web hosting and very soon they realize their mistakes and look for good hosting who offers free website transfer. SiteGround provide FREE website transfer where you don’t have to pay anything extra and your website will be migrated from old hosting to SiteGround hosting without any hassle.

You can either use the SiteGround migrator plugin or ask their support team to help you to transfer your website to SiteGround hosting. If you compare this website transfer charges with Bluehost, you will come to know that you have to pay an additional $140 for website transfer. That’s a huge saving.Transfer Your Website To SiteGround Now !

No FREE Backup by Most Web Hosting Companies in India

Mostly Indian web hosting companies offer low priced hosting plans as they don’t offer crucial features like SPEED, Backup, etc. Just check your favorite Indian web hosting company plans and you will know that their higher plans with more cost have daily backup features.

But SiteGround offer FREE daily backup from their basic plan itself. Yes, they do provide everyday backup for the last 30 days. Means before 30 days backup will be automatically deleted. This is a must-have feature for your web hosting company as you never know when your website files can be compromised and security is the top priority.

Advanced Server-Side Cache System (Most Indian Hosting Companies Don’t Offer)

Again, no cheap web hosting company in India will provide you high-speed servers. The reason is very simple, the latest technology SSD servers are very costly and their performance is also very high. So, you have to spend some amount of money for such amazing fast speed servers.

We all know the importance of website speed in 2020. So, don’t compromise with your website speed and make sure to buy a quality web hosting company plan like SiteGround, who offers an additional SuperrCacher system to load your website very fast compared to your competitors.

Conclusion: SiteGround Hosting Is The Best In India

So, without any doubt, if you have some budget and you are serious enough to invest in your blogging career or blogging business, then don’t compromise with the web hosting plan. Your website files must be kept secure so that you can sleep peacefully and your blog can earn money for you while you are sleeping.

SiteGround support team is amazing as they will help you to solve any of your problems related to web hosting and at any time. It’s like availing high professional support without paying anything extra beyond your web hosting bills.Exclusive 70% Discount (Grab Now !)

Make sure to buy at least 3 years hosting from SiteGround India, as their initial 70% discount is only valid for first-time buyers. You have to renew the plan with actual SiteGround Pricing which is very expensive.